Poids lourd
  • Robustness
  • High traction power
  • Best performance for the most severe uses

Radial tire intended for the driving axles of trucks running on mixed courses and construction sites. It offers the best performance for the most severe uses and high traction power in quarries and stony terrains.
Carcass: one steel ply.
Belts: three steel belts and two zero degree strips in the shoulder area.
Tread Pattern: The big-block design is able to provide high traction in quarries and stony ground.

Tire size Index Load / Speed Symbol Section width (mm) Overall diameter (mm) Loaded radius (mm) Rolling circumference (mm) Max load By Axle Pressure for max load Rim Recommended
Simple (kg) Twinned (kg) Bar Psi Inch
13R22.5 156/150K 306 1121 514 3419 8000 13400 9 131 9