Transport léger
  • High mileage and wear regularity
  • Safe road holding in braking
  • Comfort and quiet running

Radial tyre for every transport requirement and medium/ long circuit. Suitable also for mini-buses.
Suitable to trucks working on mixed road conditions.
These tires must be used with tube.

  • The tread pattern has many advantages of road holding on dry and wet surfaces, as well of high mileage.
  • The tread compound has a special characteristic allowing the impact stress of the light mixed asphalted and unpaved roads.
  • The sidewalls have been reinforced to resist to shocks and cuts; special kerbing ribs protect them from lateral shocks and frictions.Use Tread pattern Radial tyre for all transport requirement on medium/ long circuits. Suitable for urban and suburban buses.
Tire size PR Index Load / Speed Symbol Section width (mm) Overall diameter (mm) Loaded radius (mm) Rolling circumference (mm) Max load By Axle Pressure for max load Rim Recommended
Simple (kg) Twinned (kg) Bar Psi Inch
6.00R16 C TT 8 98/97L 170 729 317 2223 1500 2920 4.5 65 4.5E
6.50R16 C TT 10 108/107L 178 742 349 2263 2000 3900 5.9 85 4.5E
7.00R16 C TT/TL 12 117/116N 181 782 359 2385 2570 5000 6.2 90 5.5F (TT)/ 5.0J (TL)
7.50R16 C TT 12 121/120L 205 796 373 2428 2900 5600 6.6 95 6.0G