Agricultural Use

Agricultural Use
  • Diversified agrarian use
  • Excellent stability
  • Good vacuum and load performance

The Amine brand Agricole tire is a conventional tire specially designed for agrarian use: agricultural machinery, all types of trailers etc.
The diagonal structure of this tire gives it a high load capacity and excellent stability on the road.
The Amine Agricole tire has excellent performance under load and vacuum thanks to the design of its tread.

Tire size PR Index Load / Speed Symbol Section width (mm) Overall diameter (mm) Loaded radius (mm) Rolling circumference (mm) Max load By Axle Pressure for max load Rim Recommended
Simple (kg) Twinned (kg) Bar Inch
7.50X16 ST 8 A6 210 806 361 2458 2240 4240 4.0 6.0