• Dry and wet-floor braking
  • Sports road holding
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • The side ribs with curved notches provide optimized grip with the road and strong braking.
  • The architecture of the blocks ensures the attenuation of rolling noise.
  • The 4 large longitudinal grooves ensure the rapid evacuation of water.
  • The oblique lateral grooves ensure the channeling of the excess water towards the wider grooves.
  • This combination of longitudinal and lateral grooves ensures a very good drainage of water even at high speed.
Tire size Index Load / Speed Symbol Section width (mm) Overall diameter (mm) Loaded radius (mm) Rolling circumference (mm) Max load By Axle Pressure for max load Rim Recommended
(kg) Bar Psi Inch
175/65R15 TL 84 H 181 611 286 1865 500 3.0 44 5.0J
195/50R15 TL 82 V 195 576 271 1757 475 3.5 51 6.0J