• Dry and wet-floor braking
  • Stability and good handling
  • Sports road holding
  • Durability

The PALMA tire is synonymous with power, energy and fun. This tire provides proper grip, stability and good handling, a quieter and more comfortable ride and good mileage.
This tire has a wave- shaped design with a central groove for excellent handling, helical side grooves that allow complete water evacuation and make the tire resistant to aquaplanning.

Tire size Index Load / Speed Symbol Section width (mm) Overall diameter (mm) Loaded radius (mm) Rolling circumference (mm) Max load By Axle Pressure for max load Rim Recommended
(kg) Bar Psi Inch
205/55R16 TL 91 V 214 634 298 1934 1230 3.0 44 6.5J
215/55R16 TL 97 V 220 642 301 1958 1460 3.4 50 7.0J